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So Much More Than Just Another Online Lesson...

“I think we’ve had enough of Zoom learning.”

I’ve been hearing the above a few times and I totally understand.  There’s no substitute for good quality teaching and that’s best achieved in a face to face environment.

With that said, screen learning still has a lot to offer the young learners of today - please don’t dismiss this out of hand without hearing me out.

Your pupils love screens and listen to screens

Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, pupils consume from these platforms.  They listen to influencers and there’s an opportunity to tap into that for us as Educators.

The Punctuation Show’s online sessions capitalise on this concept in a number of ways:

Pupil Interaction

If you’re lucky enough to have functioning webcams and microphones in your class, there’s really no reason why the interactive experience can’t be almost as good as a live visit.  Imagine your pupils having the man on screen addressing them directly by name or speaking directly to the class.

Video Quality

The video from the shows will be the highest quality your platform can handle.  The Punctuation Show makes use of 4k cameras and an HDMI switcher using green screen technology, meaning that the presenter actually appears in the presentation - no need for clunky screen sharing.  Transitions are seamless at the press of a button.  A lot of money has been spent to ensure your pupils get the best visual experience.

Audio Quality

Audio is something that’s often neglected in the classroom.  Audio quality will be dependent on the quality of your speakers, but the use of industry standard Rode Microphones mean that the signal being sent to you is the best it could possibly be.

The Presenter

I’ve been presenting professionally for decades now.  I know how to engage your pupils and raise entertainment through entertainment.  They will find the online sessions both enjoyable and educational.  Why should you take my word for it?  Well if you’re not blown away, you don’t pay!

Please don’t dismiss my online shows as ‘just more Zoom lessons’ without experiencing them.  What have you got to lose?

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