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Ai - how will it affect teachers and writing in schools?

Ai writing bots are here and you need to know about them.

There’s something big on the horizon: it’s coming whether you like it for not and there’s a possibility that your pupils and students are already using it.

Have you noticed any pupils demonstrating a sudden improvement in literacy or English?  Have you noticed improvements in grammar? A sudden remembrance to include capital letters and full stops where there once were none?

The latest Ai tool

Let me introduce ChatGPT -  ChatGPT represents a new level of artificial intelligence (sorry - that’s what ‘Ai’ stands for ) and it can write exceptionally well.  In fact it can write so well, it’s actually difficult to spot and it’s learning to improve its writing every day.  Don’t we wish our pupils had that dedication.

What Ai (ChatGPT) can do

In short, it can write.  Anything: poetry, essays, code, blog posts.  No before you ask - it didn’t write this, but it did write this - - take a look and see what you think.  Maybe you believe you could tell the difference; maybe you can.  My wife is a serving Head of many years experience and she’s very good at her job.  She didn’t spot the difference. 

What are the problems?

Quite simply, your pupils can ask Ai bots to write their essays.  They can ask ChatGPT to research things for them. Furthermore, they’re probably ahead of the game and might well be more familiar with Ai tech than you are.  Naturally, this will be a concern for you as it is for universities and colleges across the world who are already having to deal with this.

Good news…

It’s not all bad.  In my next article, I’ll be suggesting a few clues as to how you can spot the use of Ai in writing and also,  how you can use it in lessons and to complete some of your admin tasks.  I’ll even be offering some tips from an Ai expert.  Check back soon.

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Barrie McDermid
Director of The Punctuation Show

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