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Simple Sentences


To create a simple sentence, we follow simple rules.

We need a capital letter and we also need a full stop.


We would also normally have a subject and a verb.

Remember, a sentence should be a full thought.


Your Turn…

1. What is a simple Sentence?
A short group of words containing a subject and a verb and that expresses a complete thought
Something that isn’t very clever
Something you would order from a take-away menu

2. What does a simple sentence need at the beginning and the end?
A capital and a full stop
To brush its teeth
A run around the block

3. What is the job of a simple sentence?
To mend clocks
To get a point across in a straightforward way
To manage celebrities

4. Which of the following is a simple sentence?
I worked very hard.
Because I hurt my foot

5. Look at the following sentence: The pig rolled in the mud. Identify the subject and verb:
“The” and “mud”
“In” and “the”
“Pig” and “rolled”

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