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Pronouns are words that are used in place of nouns or noun phrases.

We use these words to avoid repetition in sentences or paragraphs.

The most common type of pronoun is the personal pronoun.

They are divided into first, second and third person.


For example,

I - first person singular
you - second person singular
he/She - third person singular
we - first person plural
you - second person plural
they - Third person plural

First person refers to the writer or speaker.

Second person refers to the person or people being addressed.

Third person refers to anyone or anything else being addressed.


Remember, verbs will react differently depending on the pronoun used.

Your Turn…

1. What is a pronoun?
A doing word
A word that can replace a noun in a sentence
A being word

2. How could we divide pronouns?
Into first, second and third person
Into slices
Into odd and even numbers

3. Which group of words are common pronouns?
I, you, he, she
Some, many, this and these
Clauses, verbs and nouns

4. Which of the following is a pronoun?

5. Which of the following is a pronoun?

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