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Free Monthly Shows for Year 6 & 7

What is it?

Every month 'The Punctuation Show' will deliver a free show/webinar, via Teams.

I know budgets are shot beyond all recognition, but I believe that what I do will make a difference to your pupils, so these shows are offered WITHOUT EXPECTATION OR OBLIGATION.

I know teachers are a nice bunch and may want to help me. If you do, there are ways you can help:

  • Share my posts on social media
  • Tell your friends about what I'm doing
  • Consider booking an in-person visit (prices reduced for this year)
  • Consider my one-day Art Workshop, which can be used as an alternative to supply cover
  • Consider booking me to do any videography work you might need to promote your school

Any of the above would be appreciated, but certainly not required.

Dates, Times and Coverage

There are plenty of spaces, but in limited number. Please get in touch with any questions you may have, or reserve your place by registering below.

Friday 6th September 9:30

***LINK NOW LIVE*** - Sign up for the September Show Now!

A September free show will also be available for year 2, covering full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and commas. It will take place at 1:30 on the 6th September.

Monday 7th October - 9:30
Exclamation Marks
Inverted Commas

The link will become live on the day of the previous month's show.

Monday 4th November - 9:30
Compound Sentences
Complex Sentences

The link will become live on the day of the previous month's show.

Friday 13th December
Christmas Show delivered by Santa

The link will become live on the day of the previous month's show.

Friday 10th January
Auxiliary Verbs
Progressive Tense
Perfect Tense

The link will become live on the day of the previous month's show.

Friday 7th February
Parenthesis (commas)

The link will become live on the day of the previous month's show.

March/April TBC
Active and Passive Voice


In these difficult times, using remote teaching for the punctuation show brought fun, engagement and a new face into the classroom! Great, supportive and follow up resources too. - Thank you Barrie. L Hylton
Eastfield Primary
Thanks for delivering your show this morning! I've had 6 members of staff hunt me down today to thank me and say that they enjoyed it! My class were clapping and doing the "Bracket Dance" later in the day as well so it's clearly had a positive impact!
C Agar
Bamburgh School
Thank you SO much!
That was awesome - the children absolutely loved it! It was a great way to start our Thursday morning. Everything ran VERY smoothly. Anna Marren
Beaumont Primary
The information was clear on the ppt and was explained well and straight to the point. How Barrie presented it was great. His expressions and actions/dances were very engaging and funny. He made the learning fun! 
S Darwin
Collierley Primary School

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